Hoy, siento orgulloso de ser Mexicano, de ser Latino!...
Today, I feel proud to be Mexican, to be Latino!...

But Antonio Villaraigosa, whose nationality is not Mexican, made it a point to NOT say that he was proud to be an American
1996 Latino & Immigrant Rights Rally (MARCHA), Washington D.C.

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Antonio Villaraigosa
Brown Beret, Aztlan foot soldier is body guard for

Cebeda had this to say in 1996 at a demonstration at the Federal Building in West Los Angeles.
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Shown below, Antonio Villaraigosa and foot soldier of the Brown Berets of Aztlan, stand at the sides of "Marcha" organizer, Juan Jose Gutierrez,  in support of amnesty for eleven million illegal aliens.
Brown Beret "Minister of Information" for the militant Brown Berets of Aztlan, Augustin Cebeda (aka Augustin Zapata) and Antonio Villaraigosa share the same common cause of reclaiming "Aztlan."