On judios, jotos and pochos

Posted by Minister of Information on November 12, 1999 at 19:33:24:

Ministry of Information
Nation of Aztlan
November 12, 1999

Estimada Raza de Aztlan and Beyond

Recently the Nation of Aztlan, the Brown Berets and other Raza organizations came under an unprovoked attack by an odd-ball group of judios, jotos and pochos. The aggression came as a consequence of our defense of the embattled Mexican-American superintendent and children of the Los Angeles Unified School District during the coup of the district by judios from west Los Angeles. In the past, liberal judios have been our friends but lately a cabal of conservative and zionist judios have taken positions against bilingual education and immigrants from Mexico. These judios have learned to manipulate jotos and pochos against the interests of La Raza and we must expose them.

The attack was sudden and vicious on the Internet and through the print media and came in the form of fouled-mouth threats and insults. The pornographic "jewish" LAWEEKLY with the assistance of a lackey known as  the "cucaracha cartoonist" are principal culprits. This group of judios, jotos and pochos also launched an attack on the Internet through a joto infested chat room. Our intelligence sources informed us that these individuals defamed the Nation of Aztlan by calling our organization Nation of Asstlan. This same term has been used against us by the notorious anti-Mexican VCT. These pocho people are phony Mexicans with no identity nor ethnic pride. They have much self-loathing and are easy prey for judios and gringos in their efforts to manipulate them against us. The word pocho has the same meaning as taco-tio, brown anglo and vendido. Since they are economically dependent on the judios and gringos in their businesses and jobs, they easily sell out La Raza and do their bidding.

This same group also launched a World Wide Web effort to deny us our right of free speech, writing and expression. Utilizing the UCLA Physics Internet server and a "jewish-front" Internet Service Provider, they have made great efforts to deny the Mexican-American Education Council the ability to distribute their communiques through a University of New Mexico listserv. Their efforts have been largely successful because the University of New Mexico as well as a large part of the state of New Mexico is dominated by "hispanic sephardic jews." This group of influential jews are also called "marranos" and "cryptic-jews" because of their tendency to remain hidden among the general population. They are primarily descendants of the jews that were asked to leave Spain by Isabel La Catolica. The cryptic jew is " a jew first and Raza second" just like a joto is " a joto first and Raza second." This same listserv did not however censor an attack against the Brown Berets by a M. Sedano that is now published at the Brown Berets Discussion Forum at: http://www.brownberets.org .

The extraordinary efforts to censor our messages simply tells us that our positions are correct. We are exposing the economic and political truths behind the factors that have kept our "gente" under domination in occupied Aztlan. Their threats and intimidations designed to stop us from expressing our concerns in a public forum will only backfire. Their invocation and screaming of the loaded words "homophobia and anti-semitism" will not deter us from speaking out and presenting much censored information to our community. The future of La Raza depends on it!

Hasta La Victoria Siempre

Minister of Information
Nation of Aztlan