Does Los Angeles Need a Mayor Who
Reports to Mexico City?
ANTONIO VILLARAIGOSA JOINED WITH MEXICAN PRESIDENT ZEDILLO  and Gov. Gray Davis to kill Proposition 187 before it could reach the Supreme Court because they were afraid it was Constitutional. Yet, in 1999, Villaraigosa must have thought of himself as all nine supreme court justices when he said, when the will of the people has been ruled unconstitutional, the will of the people is null and void,*  after keeping it away from the Supreme Court.

What am I missing here? Assembly Speaker Antonio Villaraigosa thanks Mexico's President Ernesto Zedillo for helping kill Proposition 187, which denied benefits to Mexicans who broke our laws to live in California illegally...We know who Zedillo works for. But who does Villaraigosa work for?

When I opened the paper Wednesday morning, I could not believe what I saw and read. The world must have turned upside down. How can an elected speaker of the California Assembly applaud the president of a foreign country for meddling in our politics and thwarting the will of the people of California? ...We need to ask him where his loyalty lies*with the Mexican people or the people of California?

(Movimiento Estudiantil Chicanos de Aztl*n), a group that claims that they are victims of U.S. occupation of their land, making a comparison to "Israeli occupation of Palestine." Mecha is dedicated to the "self-determination of the Chicano people for the purpose of liberating Aztl*n.* Villaraigosa refuses to repudiate MEChA or its goals.
Villaraigosa was a writer for Sin Fronteras (Without Borders), a vicious anti-American propaganda organ for Chicano separatists.
Villaraigosa was the only California politician who dared to join in the 1996 March on Washington that demanded amnesty for illegal aliens He proudly stood on the stage surrounded by the Brown Berets, the militant foot soldiers of the Aztlan movement. The March was organized by Juan Jose Guiterrez of One Stop Immigration (now with SEIU) and led by a band from the Mexican Army. Gutierrez introduced keynote speaker Mexican lawyer Jose Jacques Medina, founder of Sin Fronteras, who proclaimed *This is my land! This is my fight!* And demanded amnesty for illegal aliens. MEChA was a prominent participant.
Antonio Villaraigosa was chairman of UCLA MEChA
Yes, this could happen if Antonio Villaraigosa is elected. Villaraigosa voted for L.A. to officially recognize the Mexican Matricula Consular ID as an official identification for illegal aliens -- never mind that assistant director of the FBI's Office of Intelligence, Steve McCraw, in testimony June 26, 2003, to the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security, that the Department of Justice and the FBI have concluded that the Matricula Consular is not a reliable form of identification, due to the non-existence of any means of verifying the true identity of the card holder. Stating further, "The ability of foreign nationals to use the Matricula Consular to create a well-documented, but fictitious, identity in the United States provides an opportunity for terrorists to move freely within the United States without triggering name-based watch lists that are disseminated to local police officers. It also allows them to board planes without revealing their true identity.
This Fake Matricula with Hal Netkin's picture was obtained for $30.00 on Alvarado Blvd, in the MacArthur Park area of Los Angeles while LAPD Black-and-Whites patrol un-interested. Unlike a fake driver's license, a matricula ID cannot be verified as being fake.
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DRIVER'S LICENSES FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS. Antonio Villaraigosa exemplified his intolerance for views other than his own, of other politicians -- especially Latino politicians, when at the Los Angeles Omni Hotel, on June 14, 1997, when he was speaker of the California Assembly, said to the attendees at the annual meeting of the Southwest Voter Registration and Education Project: "...Because you know what? It's not enough to elect Latino leadership if they're supporting legislation that denies the undocumented drivers' licenses, they don't belong in office friend, they don't belong here..." If Villaraigosa has his way, illegal aliens would not have to produce a social security number as Americans must, and would be entitled to driver's licenses requiring only that they have (you guessed it) a Matricula Consular ID to "prove" who they are.
SPECIAL ORDER 40: At the expense of public safety, ex-gang member Villaraigosa supports Special Order 40, the mandate that doesn't allow LAPD officers to determine the immigration status of known illegal aliens gang members -- gang members who could otherwise be handed over to immigration authorities for deportation -- even if not charged with a local crime.
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"Do we need a mayor whose public record strongly suggests his primary loyalty is to an ethnic group, including illegal aliens, instead of all Americans?"
"Do we need a mayor who is totally beholden to an ethnically controlled
labor cartel?"