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Nation of Aztlan
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

August 21, 1998, For Immediate Release:

How American Zionists are Manipulating U.S. Foreign Policy Against Islam!

Estimada Raza:

Yesterday, the United States Armed Forces launched a missile strike against two Islamic countries in retaliation for the recent bombings of two of its embassies in eastern Africa. Many U.S. citizens are questioning the "timing" of the strikes in light of the Monica Lewinsky Scandal involving President Bill Clinton.

Many are comparing these events to a scenario depicted in a Jewish produced film called "Wag the Dog" in which a U.S. President "creates" a military crisis in a foreign country in order to divert attention from a domestic presidential scandal.

The American Jewish dominated media is purposely confusing the American people in order to hide the true reality that exists behind the scenes. Do not be deceived, Raza, American Zionists and the Israeli MOSSAD are manipulating events including applying extraordinary pressure on President Clinton to strike out militarily against the Zionists' old nemesis represented by Islam. President Clinton's problems became serious when he took the MOSSAD "bait" in the form of Jewish Monica Lewinsky.

At the very time when the "scandal" broke, Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was in the oval office meeting with President Clinton pressuring him to release the MOSSAD agent and Jewish American traitor by the name of Jonathan Pollard. Mr. Pollard was a U.S. Naval Intelligence Officer who gave U.S. Nuclear Weapon secrets to Israel. In addition the Israeli Zionists have been putting pressure on the Clinton administration to soften its position on the return of Palestinian territory.

The MOSSAD and the American Jewish Lobby now have a lot of "dirt" on Bill Clinton and are blackmailing him to do their bid which includes hanging tough on Islam. Monica Lewinsky, while assigned to the Pentagon was given the highest (Top Secret) security clearance with a Secret Compartmentalized Information (SCI) designation. This was given to her by Clinton operatives in an attempt to keep her quiet.

In the early stages of the "scandal", Monica's attorney William Ginsburg was quoted by the Israeli daily Yediot Ahronet as saying "we do not want President Clinton impeached because we think he is good for Israel and the Jews and Monica and I are Jews." The American Jewish Lobby is one of the most powerful groups in the world. They have in their "pockets" numerous U.S Congressmen and Senators. They pressured Congress to send over 5 Billion dollars per year of foreign to the Zionists in their "Mother Country" which is Israel.

They control most of the "media" in the United States and are very astute in "forming public opinion."

Most television and radio stations are under their control.

National Magazine and Newspapers are owned or controlled by American Jews. There are American Zionists now in control of many agencies in the U.S. Government. The U.S. State Department is in complete control by the American Jewry. This takeover began with Henry Kissinger and is now in the hands of Jewess Madeleine Albright.

The entire staff of the Undersecretary for Middle Eastern Affairs is predominately Jewish and its undersecretary is a former officer of the Israeli Army. Raza, we are making this information available to you so that you can make up your own mind and not believe everything you read or hear in the Jewish dominated media.

Do some research yourself in order to verify what we say here. After all, if the bullets start flying in a war against Islam, should Raza soldiers in the U.S. Armed Forces die in defense of Zionist interests?

Is not our Raza here in Aztlan in a situation similar to the condition of the Palestinians in Israel?
La Verdad Nos Libera! Tezcatlipoca ---
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Nation of Aztlan

Sent: Friday, August 21, 1998 8:51 PM

To: Multiple recipients of list Subject:
Re: [Fwd: Dog the Wag article]

Dear Ms. Pagan:

Apparently you are not from California!

In response to the Nation of Aztlan article you state: "Who put up 187,227,184 and all the other racist shit that goes down in California? It's called the CRISTIAN Coalition, not the 'Jewish agenda."

You are misinformed, Proposition 227, the anti-bilingual education initiative was led and funded by Ron Unz, a wealthy Jew.

In addition, he recruited a Gloria Matta Tuchman, a vendida chicana to promote the initiative.

Gloria Matta Tuchman is married to a Jew. She is now running for state office, Millions of dollars was donated by the Jewish Lobby to push the initiative.

In addition, a Dennis Prager with a widely listened radio station, a Michael Eisner station, daily pushed the initiative in southern California.

Destroying Bilingual Education in California was definately a part of the Jewish Agenda!

Also, the anti-immigrant Proposition 187 was funded and pushed by two primary groups, The California Coalition for Immigrant Reform (CCIR) and the Voices for Citizens Together (VCT) both organizations have a predominate Jewish membership and Glenn Spencer who founded and leads VCT has two daughters married to Jews.

The anti-affirmative Proposition 209 was primarily led by Jews who oppose quotas and Lino Gaglia who insulted Chicano students at UT Austin on this issue is a Jew. I agree with you, "there are a lot of fucked up jews" and they are hurting our Raza.

Perhaps through dialogue we can find a way to put these bad jews in check!


La Maldita Malinche