Bob Hertzberg is another career politician who, along with Richard Alarcon and Antonio Villaraigosa, helped drive the state to the brink of bankruptcy. He was in the Assembly from 1996 to 2002, spending, and spending, and spending. Do you want a former Assembly Speaker who was instrumental in bankrupting California to then bankrupt Los Angeles?

When Hertzberg left the Assembly, The Los Angeles Business Journal reported, in March 2003, that Hertzberg "signed a consulting contract with public relations powerhouse Fleishman Hillard, the public relations firm that received millions of tax dollars during the Hahn administration, and donated thousands to Hahn's "pay to play" campaign funds. In April 2004, the Los Angeles Times reported he "recently" left his position as an "advisor to public relations giant Fleishman-Hillard, whose lucrative city contracts have come under scrutiny by prosecutors investigating city contracting." However, the Times reports, Hertzberg "would not refuse money from city contractors and people seeking land-use permits from City Hall...."  So if you liked Hahn, you'll love Hertzberg.

MALDEF  (Mexican-American legal Defense and Educational Fund )  
Bob Hertzberg is on the Board of Directors of MALDEF. Like other left-wing extremist groups that became major political players in the Clinton era, MALDEF got its start in the late 1960's. As a source of aid to Hanoi's U.S. sympathizers during the Vietnam war, MALDEF cut its teeth in radical politics by sabotaging the American war effort through draft counseling and, according to its own official history, giving "legal advice to hundreds of Chicanos arrested during anti-war marches."

MALDEF agitated for what today constitutes every left-wing group's laundry list of political and financial goals - namely, welfare for illegal aliens, open borders, bilingual education for foreign populations, preferential hiring for Hispanics and minorities, and other racial entitlements including the redrawing of electoral districts to guarantee political office for Hispanic and other non-white candidates -- as long as their political philosophy agrees with theirs..

Hertzberg and Villaraigosa scratch each others backs        
When Antonio Villaraigosa who never earned a dime in a real job, lost his mayoral bid and was termed out of the assembly, Hertzberg appointed his former colleague Antonio Villaraigosa to a seat on the California Medical Assistance Commission. -- The state commission position pays $99,000 a year along with all the fringe goodies.

Wait a minute. Isn't this the kind of back scratching going on at city hall now? Yes it is, and that is the kind of back scratching politics Hertzberg would bring to city hall.
Special Order 40 Tap Dance
"I differ with Walter Moore, I don't know what to tell you. If you don't like it, don't vote for me."

Hertzberg tap dances on on Licenses and Matriculas.
Hertzberg says he's proud to be on the board of directors of MALDEF and agrees with them in supporting Licenses and Matriculas for illegal aliens because he checked with the experts.

So who are some of the experts Hertzberg checked with? Let's see. Probably checked on Licenses and Matriculas with Chief Bratton. And probably checked with ex-cop Councilman Dennis Zine and Mayor James Hahn.

But I'll bet my house he didn't check with the Riverside County Sheriff or the FBI. And I bet he doesn't watch CNN.

Hertzberg tap dances on illegal immigration.

QUESTION: Are there any candidates for Mayor of L.A. who oppose Special Order 40 and oppose licenses and matricula IDs for illegal aliens?
ANSWER: Yes, only one, Walter Moore!
Hertzberg does tap dance on Illegal Immigration on KABC Radio on the Doug McIntyre Show on March 4, 2005.