Special Order 40 Tap Dance
"I differ with Walter Moore, I don't know what to tell you. If you don't like it, don't vote for me."

Hertzberg tap dances on Licenses and Matriculas.
Hertzberg says he's proud to be on the board of directors of MALDEF and agrees with them in supporting Licenses and Matriculas for illegal aliens because he checked with the experts.

So who are some of the experts Hertzberg checked with? Let's see. Probably checked on Licenses and Matriculas with Chief Bratton. And probably checked Matricula IDs with ex-cop Councilman Dennis Zine and Mayor James Hahn.

But I'll bet my house he didn't check with the Riverside County Sheriff or the FBI. And I bet he doesn't watch CNN.

Hertzberg tap dances on illegal immigration.

QUESTION: Are there any candidates for Mayor of L.A. who oppose Special Order 40 and oppose licenses and matricula IDs for illegal aliens?

ANSWER: Yes, Walter Moore!
Hertzberg does tap dance on Illegal Immigration on KABC Radio on the Doug McIntyre Show on March 4, 2005.